We went to momentum...

So, we went to momentum last night, and there were a couple interesting things… an odd performance piece where this girl was grating beets. WTF do you grate beets for in the real world anyway? And seriously, WTF was that supposed to mean? I’m all for performance art. But man, I don’t know about that one.

I could go down the list of weird shit I didn’t get for a while, but shooting down art that falls flat in Oklahoma is far too easy (and the performance piece above was actually better than a lot of what was there). Overall, this year’s Momentum just lacked a lot of the charm and whimsy that has marked it in the past. Like the guy from last year who was putting up signs on all the sold pieces that said something like “This is no longer Art,” or the Womb Room from the year before (or was that 2009?). Even the really good pieces that were chosen seemed to be playing it safe on the part of the curators.

I’ve been doing a lot of streets and clouds lately. Sometimes I’m just looking for that perfect moment when the light in the sky is balanced by the streetlights, and other times, I just want to take a picture of something to see how it looks.

Photos (mostly) unrelated:

Posted by Matt on 2012-03-11 10:45:20 +0000