ok nobody move this is a robbery

er, something like that. a drive by blogging, maybe. Quick and painless as long as nobody tries to be a hero, OK?

Shoot from the other day went ok. Not brilliant or life changing but some decent photos. This is another thing I do: I hate everything I’ve shot until at least a week after I shot it. Sometimes more like a month. This is why I’m such a procrastinator. It takes me a month get it out of my system that I suck and just put the photos out there.

Anyway, I got a new domain, photounrelated.com, that points here for now but might point to a new blog, or I might rename this one and start using that domain, I’m not sure. I’m always writing about one thing and showing photos from another.

This night had a color phase and then a black and white phase. It went that way because, as I’ve said before, the Drunken Fry is badly lit. Or at least very dimly lit. Weird night, anyway.

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Posted by Matt on 2011-03-22 00:00:00 +0000