gimme shelter

I don't even know if I should tell this story. I'm still, at heart, trying to shoot the perfect assignment for Life in 1952. It was a couple of days ago, no longer news, just a thing that happened. It's definitely one of my stories, one without a moral or a cause... a thing happened, and in the middle, there was a golden beautiful moment. Just for a moment, despite the world going to hell around us, there was a little perfection. So, I was at sauced when the storms came through on tuesday. At first, everybody was on the patio, but the sky opened up and drove is all inside; even the covered areas were getting wet. Then, a few minutes later, while I was standing in line for another beer, the owner came in and told us all we had to go to the basement, there was a tornado warning. Then the sirens went off, and we all had a harrowing moment running through the rain. In the basement, they gave us all beers and told us not to worry, even as water ran down the walls. But this is oklahoma, we're used to bad weather, so everyone took it in stride, and we even toasted the proprietor. Then, after maybe 20 minutes, we all left; the worst part of the storm had blown over. I'm drunk and things are weird right now. But what else is new? A state of profound weirdness has become normal.

Posted by Matt on 2012-06-01 02:16:06 -0500