So, I got there, and there was much rejoicing and not a little drinking. There was a bartender who gave me a shot that would have killed a lesser man. Me? I was _fine_. Totally all right, except for the stumbling. Then came the fourth, wherein all of our plans went awry. Plans are usually lists of things that don't happen, in my reckoning, but I've never had quite so many fall through so completely. We were going to go to a beach somewhere for fireworks, but then there was hella traffic, so that turned us back. Then there was maybe a car show, but that was $20 to get in, and the booze wasn't included. Finally, we said fuck it and went to a parking garage, where we actually got to see several shows, all round the valley we were in (I don't know if it was _the_ valley or not). There was beer and little caesars and another bar. A great deal of driving in the least traffic I saw while I was out there. Good times.

Posted by Matt on 2012-08-05 13:16:18 -0500