a history of stragglers

So, we're in the middle of moving, and the only real computer I have access to is my server, the one that runs the web site you're reading. The server is cloudy, which means when I move house, I don't have to move it. By real computer, I mean something that can run, at a minimum, vim and git. Those are the minimum tools I need to do a blog post. My rasberry pi also qualifies, but it's in a box somewhere. Luckily, I had photos already out on the server, or theis would be a very boring post indeed. These are more from the period between Xmas and New Years. One from sonoma, and the others walking back from brunch at Portal. That's what I meant by stragglers; I keep seeming to have one photo that should have gone with the previous set turn up the next time I open lightroom. It's what I get for blogging tired. Not much to say right now. moving is hard, and it's going to take us all week, I'm afraid. Tomorrow is the furniture, but there are a million little things that are going to take us a while to get. The kitchen, the closets, the camping stuff, yada yada yada. Up and down stairs until I'm tired of it, and then a few more trips. This was my idea, really. Save a little money, get into a nicer area. I'll enjoy it once I get there, but now, I'm tired.

Posted by Matt on 2014-02-22 06:50:36 +0000