acrobat on silks at the company party

This was just days before we went to Oklahoma. My company's xmas party, which was pretty rad. There wasn't much going on, visually, apart from this. I mean, I have some portraits, but they're not great. Monochromatic stage lighting is hard as hell to work with. That difficulty is the reason that these are all in black and white. The dominant channel (whatever color the light is) will blow out, and the rest will be ok. You can save this with black and white conversion, with the added benefit that it more closely matches what I see when I'm shooting a scene like this. Something the event organizers did wonderfully with this event: they had at least one really visual element in the evening. It may be because we're a very media-centric company, or it may just be a stroke of luck that we didn't have some rock band instead. I was stoked, in any case, that someting cool was going down. Later in the evening, there was much drinking and dancing, even by me, but all those photos are blurry. These make a nice set, though.

Posted by Matt on 2015-02-16 01:22:33 -0800