monkey forest and points north

So this was our last day doing stuff in Ubud. The Ubud Monkey forest is half cultural preserve and half wildlife preserve, although its success at either seems dubious. It is good at extracting money from tourists, though. I sound really cynical, but in reality, it was a pretty good experience, wandering through a forest with ancient temples; the swarms of monkeys were funny, and left us alone entirely. There were warnings not to take food in, so we were careful not to.

Luckily, just outside the northern entrance, there were many shops where refreshments were available. I say ‘northern,’ but it could just as easily be the western or southern edge of the preserve. One of the problems of traveling to far flung corners of the world is that your sense of direction goes all wonky, and you have to rely on maps and signs a lot more.

Trying something a little new here, we’ll see if it works. There should be a twitter card and custom facebook image when these post. We’ll see! Isn’t technology fun?

Posted by Matt on 2015-12-21 00:42:18 -0800