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You know how Ulysses, the doorstop/book by Joyce, not the poem, you know how it encompasses a single day, but several years worth of adventure were packed into it? I feel like that was my first day in New York City. So much happened, so many pictures.

I got to Manhattan a bit after midnight, a direct flight from SFO. Sidenote: jetblue has the best legroom. Got out of my terminal to see the old TWA terminal under construction/restoration. A little googling revealed it’s been under construction a while, and now the plan is to make it a hotel. At least it’s still there.

So, I get to my hotel, starving, and go down to the street to find some pizza. By some silly stroke of luck, there was a decent slice just around the corner from my hotel. I had quite a bit of pizza while I was there, but not every meal, Mom. This pizza though. All the good things people say about pizza in NYC: all true. I’ve seen the light, or, rather, the crust, the cheese, and to a lesser extent, the sauce and toppings. Pizza consumed, I passed the fuck out. It had already been a long day.

The next day, with nothing to do and free to roam, I decided the first place I should head was the International Center of Photography. Since I had the whole day, and google maps said it was a 45 minute walk, I figured why not walk and shoot. These photos are about half from the night before and half from the walk to ICP.

Posted by Matt on 2016-08-08 13:23:12 -0700