photos out a plane window of smoke

I photographed the milky way from an airplane, bitches. This probably beats the time I took photos under startlight. These were all on the way back from Santa Ana, where I was working for a week to meet all the new comrades and get a feel for how they do things at Weedmaps.

The first photo is with the ISO at 12k, and I just shot a bunch until I got one that was relatively steady. I could see the milky way, faintly, and I thought I had a chance if I could get a long enough exposure. Might’ve been better if I’d had IS, but you’ve gotta dance with the gal you brought with you (wish someone had told me that before prom) (s/gal/guy/gnc as appropriate, natch).

The second two photos are smoke from the fires that have been raging basically since I left town. Like, whoa. The second picture is the big dipper, except I have no idea what the bright object in the lower left part of the constelation is. It’s the same object you see in the last photo, at the top of the image. Has to be a star, or a geostationary satellite reflecting the sun. Or maybe a start went supernova? At the time, I though it was so bright and big it must be venus. Anyway, it’s a mystery.

The light in that second picture, incidentally, is mostly coming from the city below the smoke, not the stars above. And yes, I know technically the clouds of gas out there that make the milky way milky aren’t “smoke” but they do scatter light in a similar way, don’t they?

Posted by Matt on 2017-10-14 00:33:58 -0700