game night at fletch's

These were from the first batch I did here at home, and they have a ton of dust and water spots (partially because my basement is dusty, and partially because I don’t have anything to clean them with prior to scanning). A little cleanup and they’re presentable. The last image in particular, was pretty hard to work on; I thought for a minute there might be starts in the background, but no, it was just dust that happened to look like a familiar constellation.

Need to scan more… I’ve got four pages of 35mm work ready to be scanned. Maybe tomorrow night? Friday night? One of them is the first roll through the new camera, shooting with the 50mm Canon lens I’ve had for better than a decade (and is itself a decade older than me, at least). Looking forward to seeing how those look.

This particular night we were mostly playing games, but I had the film camera and found a few moments, between things and on a pizza pickup run, to get a few photos in. That seems to be the way I work now; photos when I’m not doing anything else that requires my attention. It’s the background process that’s always running. Still, always looking.

Still trying to do a post a day; at the end of the month, we’ll see how I did without a backlog. Here’s today.

you can’t see it, but fletch is showing off a twiddler, an absurd input device that I’m super tempted to get. Beers that don’t like being poured. The fog all rolled in.

Posted by Matt on 2018-05-09 22:52:42 -0700