sfmoma and moscone west on the big film

Working on these was a struggle. Lightroom kept crashing while I was spotting dust, and there was a lot of dust. I think it was the confluence of several factors: I had a bazillion desktop apps open, and like the title says, these are scanned from huge negatives, at a really high DPI. They’re 400MB tiffs. So, I closed a bunch of the apps I had open and then it started working better.

I’ve been hanging around SFMOMA quite a lot these days, just because I can. They have good wifi and good coffee, and I have a membership; I think it’s 125 or 150 a year, and I get in for free as many times as I want. Really an excellent deal. As much anxiety as showing my own work in galleries gives me, I do love just hanging out in them.

I’m not sure how much longer this film project is going to last. I’m already tired of spotting out dust from things. It’s hard to get the same tonality from digital. Most of these pictures would actually be HDR shots; if you shot at low ISO and underexposed a stop or so, it’d work. Maybe.

I took another look at the Leica work from when I rented that one in December, and I might have to get one. There were some nice things there that I overlooked, and I may have been too hasty in dismissing it. There’ll be a whole post about that soon, because I also really like shooting with the CLE. I’m just not sure it’ll make it to permanent use, because film is kind of a pain in the ass.

Posted by Matt on 2018-05-24 23:55:14 -0700