priceless 2018

So, imagine this: you and 1000 almost-complete-strangers, plus the friends that you trust to look after your cat and a few people you’ve seen at parties, descend on a town in the lower parts of the eastern sierra with PA gear and floaties… that’s priceless. Not to say it was un-organized; the people running the show were quite efficient, actually. It’s a lot of people crammed into a camp made for maybe 2/3rds that number.

Everyone is really friendly and there’s good music and the primary activity of the whole trip is being lazy and listening to music. During the day, you can take your floatie to the river, jump in, and float next to the only daytime stage. Get out to re-apply sunscreen, get another beer, and get back in. Repeat until you get hungry, then go to either the mess tent (actually a rather good caterer) or to the town’s only restaurant, which is fine, just diner food. Then, the excitement of the evening begins. You can: dance your face off, then go lay on some cushions in a relaxtion tent, then go to the acoustic stage and sway a little. A lot of walking back and forth, but no worse than any other festival I’ve been to.

So: I went this year, with Sophia, and took just a few photos. I only had like 5 rolls of film; I think I shot 2. I got these back and then went to boston, but decided not to take my laptop, because distractions. So here they are now, as I’m getting back into the groove of things.

Posted by Matt on 2018-08-01 00:47:33 -0700