getting around Tokyo

This was that same day, just making our way from one place to another. The byways of Tokyo were something else. The city seemed to have a good handle on ways for people to get around, as if it weren’t designed just for cars, but rather, for people on bikes or on foot as well. That said, there was always traffic, of all types. Always people moving around.

Our fellow tourists stuck out like sore thumbs, all luggage and maps and confused looks. The locals were more varied, if I can make generalizations about 10 million people. It’s like any big city; there are people there from all walks of life; if there aren’t, then it will rapidly become not-a-city anymore. Think of a city of 10 million people without plumbers or janitors or street-sweepers. This is the problem that San Francisco faces; no more variation of people, no more heart. I’m not saying SF should copy Tokyo’s density and sprawl, but they could certainly take some notes on the efficiency of transit. (OK, a little density couldn’t hurt us either).

Playing around with some Lightroom presets designed to mimic film stocks again; just a bit of fun. Looks nice on the screen.

Posted by Matt on 2019-05-15 00:50:34 -0700