too many robots (robot restaurant)

Maybe this isn’t too many robots. I was thinking I needed to cut this down some, but decided to throw out a twitter poll and see if I needed to. The people have spoken, so here are 34 pictures of the act inside the Robot Restaurant.

The place is not really a restaurant. There is technically food, and while I’m sure, in that Japanese way, just like food from 7-11, it’s perfectly fine, it’s not a place you go for food. There are good drinks, strong. How can I describe it? It’s sort of like what happened to opera when they mixed in rock to make rock opera, but done to Kabuki theater and then with a shit ton of LEDs and shiny costumes and sort of real robots? Wild stories of nature versus technology, silly dancing, and a fire breathing dragon, briefly. Everything is dialed to 11, and then multiplied. I could hardly keep up, and I was sitting the whole time.

And then there was a brief calm period, with rave dancers and lasers. Then, to giant silver robots came out and danced. Then, just because obviously that wasn’t enough, there was a fish show. No, not Phish. Fish. Well, an aquatic themed dance number, complete with more giant platforms with drums and dancers. Really, a hell of a show.

Posted by Matt on 2019-05-16 22:02:24 -0700