2024, here we go

somewhat inauspicious start to the year today, I’m typing without my left index finger because it’s got some kind of infection, the antibiotics taking their sweet time to take it out. hopefully I’ll be back up to full strength soon. I have a heck of a backlog here (as always). I started writing a year in review of last year of just the places I travelled to and lost steam by the time I got to June. I probably am just going to give up on that since posts about last year as a whole are no longer timely. this has never been a news blog, despite my aspirations and what my highschool journalism teacher drummed into me.

I realized looking at these photos though, which are from roughly October, that I’m missing some stuff from Sardinia and Porto. I need to chase though down. I probably have them edited (initial selects in photo mechanic) and just forgot the final step of dragging them into lightroom.

My current workflow is a little convoluted, mostly because lightroom is slow and bad at organizing photos en masse and the other tool I use, Photo Mechanic Pro, is not a developing tool. So I do an ‘ingest’ step with Photo Mechanic, and that’s when I usually do a round of initial selects. just page through the photos in the loupe view and hit 3 (number on the keyboard, marks the ‘star rating’ in the EXIF) on anything that I think has potential. Then I can filter the light table view by star rating and select the ones that I’ve just marked. Then I drag those into lightroom (select all, drag to the lightroom icon) and in LR I can do the exposure, color adjustment, and dodging and burning.

Of course, I have ADHD, every step in the pipeline there is prone to me walking away and not coming back for some months. Shooting is a constant, but other than that I offload from my SD cards as I can remember to. Used to be an every day ritual, now it’s once every other week. I just don’t shoot as much.

Anyway. this was supposed to be just a quick post, drop some photos and go to bed.

Posted by Matt on 2024-01-03T08:00:39Z GMT