a walk in a storm

These are from the trip to OKC last month; I was staying in Mesta Park (well, not the park but the neighborhood). Decided to walk and get some dinner, and there was a huge storm cloud off to the east. If you’re not familiar with the weather in the middle, you might think that was cause for alarm, but almost as sure as water flowing down hill, storms in Oklahoma move west to east. This one was odd in that it was moving mostly to the south, but with a slight drift east also. I didn’t get rained on at all.

I should probably make a list of stuff to post here. I had a bunch of ideas for posts, photos I could put up, but that was a week ago and I have no idea what they were. I have a few photos from more recently, and probably a ton on the camera, and the stuff from mexico city, which will probably be two posts even though I know it would be better to make a really tight edit and put them all out in one post. One for the city and one for the pyramids seems fair, right? And then there’s a bunch of stuff in the backlog I haven’t touched. So. yeah.

I used to use the quick collection as a ‘stack’ to pull from, but now I don’t have that luxury. I have to make my own stack. I think the improvements to ingestion are probably worth it, but remembering stuff is hard. maybe I should make a blog notebook of ideas for things to write and photo sets I should post? They never line up that well, but maybe I could make the themes overlap a little.

It is a little weird to be blogging in the year of our lord 2023. It’s just an easy way to share photos that doesn’t involve becoming someone else’s product. I suppose I could do a newsletter? but nah, email sucks.

Posted by Matt on 2023-05-04T08:04:35Z GMT