along the santa fe river

So we got to Santa Fe and had lunch with the family that was gathered in town. I’ll post those photos eventually maybe, but I’m feeling these right now. After lunch, there was a storm moving in, to dump a couple inches of snow on the town (more up on the mountain). Incredible light. So I grabbed the nikon and ran down to the river.

OK, maybe I didn’t run. Walked quickly. But the clouds! Wild clouds. I really love Santa Fe, just for the light they get there. I mean, also the green chile and the people and the art and the smell of the desert, especially after the rain. Mountains, love mountains too.

The weather there though seems to come in wild rages; cold and wind and clouds bursting across the landscape. I was out for half an hour, walking along the banks of the river and up on the trail. I started and the clouds were pretty far off; by the time I was heading back, they were overhead and the first flurries were falling. It felt a bit like the late summer/early fall monsoons in that way, coming in fast.

This storm actually didn’t even stick for very long. It wasn’t cold enough I don’t think? Sure felt cold, despite my layers.

Posted by Matt on 2024-04-08T05:24:19Z GMT