amsterdam, the last part

I usually try to break these up, but it’s turkey day, and I don’t have anything else really queued up at the moment. I ran through these and cut out all the really boring ones, just for you, dear reader. Amsterdam is a weird little town, at least in the hot center where we were staying. I may have explained this before, but I was there because Sophie’s work brought her out, and I found a deal on a multi-city ticket; with the free hotel it ended up not costing very much at all. Working east coast hours meant I had the mornings to sleep in and the dinner hour hardly starts when I would sign off. Really quite pleasant.

But back to the town, and its weirdness: the tourists were kind of the worst? I’m pretty sure I talked about how bad the sidewalks were in the mornings. But also: every dutch person I met had an air of practicality, of business. Well, except the poor waitstaff at ever restaurant, who were just Tired.

There’s something to that, the weird dichotomy of excess and practicality. I don’t know. Lots of bikes, too.

A bridge made of 3d printed stainless steel. Red light district.

Posted by Matt on 2023-11-24T07:41:22Z GMT