c&r come for drinks and vinyl

Sophie is gonna hate this one, because she hates photos of herself, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ she’s in Amsterdam and can’t get mad at me. Or she could, but she won’t be back for a week and by then this post will be pushed way down the page where she won’t see it. Shh don’t tell her.

I thought I had posted these earlier, maybe they’re in a draft post somewhere. This was a saturday after we got back; the occasion was to try out a new book of cocktail recipes they had gotten us for christmas. Vinyl and Booze, and we had a bunch of vinyl and a bunch of fancy cocktail ingredients. I tasted stuff but didn’t have full drinks, because of my gout. Still, fun, and the excuse to get together and listen to music was quite nice. The proposed ratio of one (fancy, mostly hard liquor) drink per side was a bit much for everyone that was having full glasses, but we managed.

The M11 came this week. I bought it at the end of last week and it was shipped ground (dang ebay sellers). But it was whole and as advertised, like new. less than a thousand clicks on the shutter, not a mark on it. I charged up the battery and I’ve been shooting with it since Saturday (friday I was out of commission mostly due to insomnia). So far, so good. I want to make a shutter lag testing rig, just a bit of software to see how long it takes me to react and get a picture. I can test it with cameras that feel fast and feel slow and put numbers to my feelings.

The feeling, right now, is the M11 is fast enough, but that might change at any moment. I haven’t shot any real fast action with it yet. It’s not a sports camera but getting images à la sauvette is not a slow camera game. TBD, and more as it develops.

Posted by Matt on 2023-03-27T08:11:02Z GMT