cities from above

well it’s after midnight again (it’s literally always after midnight), and it’s time to blog… I started this post like a week ago, and then couldn’t decide what pictures to post. still hitting stumbling blocks I’ve set up for myself. The edits are too big, so the posts would be too big. I’m forgetting the first rule of blogging, which is always be blogging. The second rule, which I’m also breaking, is talking about not blogging (getting distracted by whys instead of doing the damn thing. well. anyway.

These are from the flight down to LA when we were going to Santa Fe over xmas break. I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted them? I did allow myself the liberty of slightly cropping these first two. I know, it’s kinda blasphemous, but when you’re in a banking aircraft shooting out of a tiny window, it’s a lot to keep track of the horizon. Pilots even have a special little gyro they watch instead of watching for the actual horizon.

Then we flew over LA, where there was much traffic and I was glad, once again, to not be in it. The next flight was over huge stretches of empty desert. The Mohave, Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts, just the harshest, most beautiful places, but nothing to see at night. And then we were in Santa Fe to see family. More on that later.

Posted by Matt on 2024-04-07T21:40:49Z GMT