comings and goings

I had these edited last thursday, exported, and then forgot about them. This was the week before we left for europe for vacation. Anyway, just before that happened, Kawan came back to town. Not just for a visit this time, but really moving back. It’s really great to have him around, at least as much as we manage to see each other, being like, busy people with Important Things™ to do like having a job so we can sleep indoors and making silly art or other interesting objects.

I feel like I used to see people more often? Maybe this is the last bit of pandemic recovery, re-finding my social calendar. People matter, and I miss seeing a lot of them. Towards that end, tomorrow there’s an Odd Salon, which is always a highlight, just a bunch of delightful folks. Anyway, if you actually want to hang out, get @ me.

ok gonna push publish and go to bed bye

Posted by Matt on 2023-12-05T10:10:18Z GMT