drama clouds, working on things

Shot these one day back in… December? Went up to Santa Rosa to meet Cason and Ryan for brunch at the Flamingo. I had the edit ready a couple weeks ago and then forgot about it. Been working on the San Pablo edit. I had some vague vibes-based categories and then got some help from my friend Michela to put them in order… unfortunately it kind of fell flat when I looked at it again with Sophie. I think the groupings made it too much of the same thing all at once. So now they’re shuffled together again and I need to try to sequence them again.

Speaking of putting things in order, I’m also working on a bunch of different stuff for the motorcycle trip this fall. I picked up ten yards of high-viz yellow (if you’ve seen the yellow I use in most of my bags, it’s that) to make some saddlebags, and I’m trying to figure out what camping gear and other things to take. I realized it would be a much better trip if I didn’t do it out-and-back, instead shipping the bike to Minnesota and taking the full time just to make my way back home. I need to get a different set of tires on the new moto, and probably half a dozen other things I’m forgetting.

I’m also thinking about doing some kind of email newsletter while I’m on the road, maybe a few editions before then. Modeled after Craig Mod’s walking practice. The road versions will be photos and field notes from that day; if I made a couple posts before then it’d be preparation, what I’m taking, how I’m routing, stuff like that. It’d be difficult to do I think, but pretty rewarding to have that record at the end. And I know at least some people would like to be able to follow along, so there’s that. But I have to come up with a name for it and pick a newsletter platform that isn’t for fascists, but I have a couple to pick from.

Anyway, these clouds: just sort of bursting with energy. There’s a pattern here in the bay where it’ll rain for the first part of the day, and then gradually it’ll kind of clear up, but in the middle of the day the clouds do this wild thing. In other places, you see clouds like this before the weather comes in, but here it’s often the opposite. A quirk of living out here on the west coast, I suppose. Surrounded by mountains and ocean.

Posted by Matt on 2024-05-07T04:45:27Z GMT