forest textures

once again posting old shit. this was last… march? before it dried out in the spring. Roy’s. I was there with Damaris, Grant, Sophie’s mom, and of course Sophie. Good day in the woods.

I’ve been neglecting my photography. building lots of things though; finished the keyboard i’m typing this on (typos are my fault, the board is great), mostly finished another small bag, shaped a couple knife blanks and hardened them. doing stuff for christmas and for myself. The house is a mess. Now that I’ve spent three days neglecting it I’ll have to spend two getting it back in shape. Laundry. Dishes. That sort of thing. If I time it right tomorrow I’ll still have a couple hours to go and finish that bag. Then I need to start designing the next one, which is a big departure for me. A backpack, for a big honkin’ lens. Not mine.

In fact, I think started thinking about this backpack on this day, back in March. So, if you want a bag from me, that’s the kind of lead time I have. About 9 months to start patterning and prototyping.

That may get worse here pretty soon. Gonna have some things going on in 2024 that will oblige me to convalesce. Take it very easy. I’m going to be getting a new kidney, and at some point they’ll also have to take the old ones out. Yes, I know that’s not normal. Anyway, the hope is that after all that, plus recovery, plus an amount of exercise, I’ll have some measure of my old energy and strength back. No more gout, for one.

Anyway. This is a very wordy post! don’t get used to it. or do. maybe I’ll write about the experience of getting a transplant. maybe do some kind of photo thing with it. we’ll see.

Posted by Matt on 2023-12-14T10:16:57Z GMT