one camera, two nights

These two nights weren’t one after the other, they were instead a couple weeks apart, but the pictures were right next to each other in my editor, and they sort of fit together, I think. Mid-October, these. Both nights I only had the ricoh, the dance club because I was afraid they had a policy on interchangeable lens cameras, and the church photos because I was just walking to the store.

I haven’t quite run out of super epic awesome pictures in the backlog, but I think there’s a whole lot more like this coming. I probably will have a whole dang book of photos of ‘just walking to the store’ or ‘just popping out for lunch’.

Then again, I’m going to Mexico City in a couple days, so I’ll probably get some good stuff there. Mexico is always great. I need to find the photos from Puerta Vallarta last year and edit those… anyway. I’m behind on posting. Nobody cares. I’m going to keep doing it anyway and not worry about it.

Posted by Matt on 2023-03-01T08:49:10Z GMT