pi(e) day at casey's

This was a party I was something like four years late to. That is, Casey has it every year, and every year on 3/14 since the first one I was invited to, something prevented me from going. COVID lockdown was the first year (although the party happened, I had a small fever that morning from something and stayed away out of an abundance of caution), I think the next year I was somewhere for work, etc etc. I’m very lucky that my friends tolerate me, I know. This year I forgot yet again, and scheduled a trip to Texas that week, but as luck would have it I was landing at SFO in time to go directly to the party.

Touched down, texted Sophie the wrong address from my cab, got there and was greeted by just the nicest, warmest group of folks you could want after a couple days away from home. And I want to say soup? And pie. A lot of pie.

Sophie texted to say she was there and I went down and she wasn’t and we figured out she was at the wrong place, and so got her headed to the right place, went down again, let her in and went to park the car while she went up to get some wine to relieve the effects of San Francisco rush hour.

We sat, we talked, pie was had. And I marked my dang calendar for next year.

Posted by Matt on 2024-05-12T04:48:14Z GMT