pke august 2021

dang it’s been a long time. PKE (Phixed Kings Expeditions) is cool but somehow I only make it out to one once every other year or so. buncha kids who get out of bed early on a saturday or sunday and go ride 60 or 70 (sometimes 100!) miles. This one was pretty flat but I still ended up dropping and getting to the end like half an hour after everyone. I’m moderately cursed, I’ve been to two or three of them but always the morning of I can’t find some important article of bike gear. This time it was my shoes. Rode clipless pedals in street shoes for like 65 miles.

Like their name suggests, they’re mostly fixed gear riders, which I respect, but I can’t keep up on my fixie; this ride I think I had the gravel bike. The only reason I ride a gravel bike is I like squishy tires. This was a fun ride but by the end I could barely sit on my saddle. Somehow I’m always doing things I’m not in shape for.

Anyway. Not a ton to say. Eighteen months ago? I’ll do something recent next, promise.

Posted by Matt on 2023-02-20T09:12:16Z GMT