A very Bay Area comple of days with Christa and Allie

I just felt like posting something, and scrolled through the stuff in my backlog (which I keep in Lightroom’s ‘Quick Collection’). This was the first set that really kind of hung together.

This was last year, about this time (roughly August). I had just gotten fired from my job, and decided I should take some time off, and as it happened Christa was visiting, so it kinda worked out. We met and took the ferry to Oakland, probably got dinner, or I drove her to Allie’s? I don’t remember, she might’ve stayed with us for part of it too. Next day, we went to the Bay Model (not pictured, talk about drab lighting inside but fascinating to look at). Then an afternoon walking around the de Young with Allie, dinner in the Sunset, Uke on the couch, and a hike on the last day.

Some or all of that may be out of order, it was a long time ago. I’m pretty sure Christa has visited twice since then? or maybe I was in NYC twice and she was here once? Anyway, there are a lot more photos on the backlog. A whole years worth, almost. Remember when I did short posts, just one or two photos? Yeah, me neither.

Posted by Matt on 2022-08-26T08:22:52Z GMT