at the Smith house

Yeah, yeah. I’m a year behind ‘the current moment’ (este momento, agora, hoje). I think the concept of being behind the moment is unbelievably sweaty. There’s an amount of urgency to some photo work, that is, news pictures, mainly. News is New. but I haven’t done news work in a long time, and maybe it’s time to let go of that neurosis?

This week (the current one, April 2022) was a good one. I spoke at Odd Salon Underdog, and realized at the end of the show, when they were announcing the next show, that I won’t make the last show. I’m on the road that week. I don’t mind, the show we put together was great.

If you don’t know about Odd Salon, it’s 6 speakers, ~10 minutes each, who tell stories from the odd corners of History, Science, Art, and adventure. I spoke about the photographer Atget; there were other talks about America’s First Suicide Hotline, the town of Rough and Ready, CA, Notker the Stammerer (a beloved monk who invented early music notation and wrote beautiful poetry), how Notre Dame (the one in South Bend) beat the KKK with potaties, and Mary Seacole (a nurse from Jamaica who travelled the world, including to the Crimean War). Friend Casey was the curator for the evening, and did such an amazing job weaving together all those stories.

Anyway. photos. more later.

Posted by Matt on 2022-04-16 20:35:31Z GMT