porch hangs w/Kawan (and the new lens)

First let's take a selfie (I unironically love selfies, sorry not sorry)

So, two weeks ago now, I had a new lens in one hand, and my phone in the other. Sophie hates having her picture taken, and the real reason I got the 50mm f/0.95 was to take pictures of people, and dammit, it was Friday, I wanted to see people. So I texted Kawan, who now lives a very short distance away, to see if he was down for hangs. He was free, we were free, there’s ample outdoor space, so we went.

The lens is for sure soft, but here that's not a bad thing so much.

We came over by bike; I brought some nice scotch to share, and we had had a couple each, on the porch, and were beginning to think about food. Then, we heard a buzzing in the air.

A drone appeared, with no pilot in sight. For a minute, we watched it flying around, and were pretty solidly creeped out (says the guy who carries a camera all the time)

Luckily, it was just the neighbor, blowing off some steam after work.

Sophie plays us some music.

Posted by Matt on 2021-04-08 08:13:45Z GMT