the optimistic period

Still trying to get used to this new keyboard. A model 100. it’s pretty nice, but I feel like i’m typing uphill. sorta weird. anywho…

Took these photos late last summer, when I found myself downtown a lot, for unspecified reasons. ask me about it over drinks some time, if we ever can have drinks together again. the optimism of the end of summer 2021 really was foolish in hindsight, but can you blame us? we were cooped up inside for something like 18 months. by that time everyone had had at least one scare pre-vaccine where they thought they might’ve gotten it. The accumulated stress of it got to be too much. of course, eventually the varaiants came for us and just completely squashed that optimism.

For a while though, maybe 6 weeks, there were bright, sunny days, where I got out and rode my bike almost every day, where I took my camera on lunch walks to see the blue sky. I gotta say, it’s something I really miss, so much so that I’ve considered getting a co-working desk downtown, just so I can go a place that isn’t my basement to work. As it is, I spend a lot of my hours in the chair I’m in right now. It’s a nice chair, but I can’t stand up all the way. The ceiling is 6 feet, and I’m 6’2”. But, there’s the ongoing pandemic to consider, and I don’t really care to go somewhere where I’ll be accumulating more risk.

anyway. next time, I promise I’ll talk about something more upbeat.

Posted by Matt on 2022-06-03T08:25:00Z GMT