probably too many pictures of Puerta Vallarta, Feb 2022

Oh boy, these pictures. Took a lot of doing to get them edited down to what you see here. I started with about 60. Anyway, that’s not really why I’ve been absent around these parts. Just a lot going on. Travel! Friends in town! Parties! All of which will eventually probably end up on this here blog.

Had a bad moment there for a second where nothing was working and I couldn’t figure out why; turns out, the disk my server lives on only has so much capacity, and I blew through that and then some. at 70gb, there was nothing left. The main culprit was a piece of gallery software I no longer use, which had, in the past three years, amassed 60gb in one log file. rm’d that, restarted some things, and robert is your mother’s brother. Killed the gallery processes, while I was at it. I really should look at making a proper setup, separate app hosting and whatnot, but I like my little server. Like a hand raised dairy cow. That I forget to milk sometimes.

About this trip: Puerta Vallarta is a really lovely little spot, although it exists, from what I can tell, purely for tourists. 50 years ago (70 maybe?) it was a sleepy fishing village. Now it’s something else entirely, although there are still some fishermen (and really good seafood besides). We were there with our friends Cason and Ryan, and met some new friends, Tom and Brandon. (there were a bunch of other nice folks we met who’s names I didn’t catch, if that’s you, sorry, I’ll buy you a slushie at blondie’s sometime).

Anyway, as I was saying, these were a bitch to edit. It’s a very pretty place, PV. Lots of white painted buildings, gorgeous sunsets, nice beaches, the whole bit. Even at midday, there are all sorts of interesting textures (see above). Not only that, I was having a good time, in a good groove and managed to shoot a lot. So I had a lot of pictures I liked.

Anyway. I managed to cut it to these 15. If I’d had more time, I probably could have made several different coherent edits of 8 from the top 30ish. I like these because there aren’t any that are what I think of as really plain. Like, I had a couple in the edit that were straight shots of the beach, either at sunset or midday. The sort of thing you’d expect in a photo essay about a beach destination. So I cut ‘em.

Took a long time though, and making the even tighter edit would have taken even longer, and I really just needed to put something out and move on with my life. I’ll show my friends the looser edit, leave this one here, and try to do better next time.

Posted by Matt on 2023-03-22T07:59:58Z GMT