third wall salon

This was one of those nights that it was just such a privilege to be there. Picking up the camera and using it opens strange and wonderful doors, and this was one of them. Marisa, founder of Third Wall, above and below, is a total rock star, someone I know through Odd Salon, and puts on this thing. I had little to no idea what it was, but saw on facebook they were hoping to get someone to come and take some still pictures, and someone to take some video, and I was happy to volunteer.

Marisa is a real rock star, incredible voice and energy, trained as an operatic voice if I recall correctly. It was her show, her idea, although this was the first one they’d had since 2019. The same family that hosted the last one was hosting this one, but they had since moved house.

Anyway. The idea was: back in the day a lot of music happened in ‘salons’ with live players, sometimes even the composers themselves, demoing new ideas, fragments, etc. And everybody had a whole cultural context in which the pieces were experienced; they knew the history of the players and the composers, who was sleeping with who, who studied with who else, etc etc.

So what Third Wall events are is introducing some of that context with the music played by people that also know that history. The theme for this one was “Unrequited,” about, you guessed it, unrequited love. Really, a fascinating way to spend an evening. I don’t know when the next one will be but they have an instagram.

Posted by Matt on 2023-04-06T05:32:45Z GMT