new year's eve 2023

So this is from the second party of our new year’s. We had a couple friends over earlier in the evening, and those pictures may or may not be on the other camera, but I downloaded these first. The friends party was over and we were supposed to be getting in bed because there was a morning plane to Albuquerque that we were supposed to be on, and the whole week of adventure after that.

Instead, when Sophie texted our neighbor to wish them a happy new year, they said, we’re having a party, come over. So we did. There was a fire outside and karaoke inside, along with a bunch of potluck dishes, and punch that was mostly booze with sugar to cover it up. It was actually really nice to get to hang out, even though we paid for it the next day.

These are in black and white and still a bit motion blurred, in case you’re wondering, because my little pocket camera was at ISO 8000 and shutter speeds were in the 1/4 to 1/2 second range. I’m good at hand-holding but I can’t make the world be still.

Posted by Matt on 2023-02-03T00:17:12Z GMT