last day out in Florence

this wasn’t the last day of the trip, but it was the last day I was out and about; I tested positive for covid on returning to our room that night and so spent the rest of the trip isolating. I went to Boboli Gardens on the recommendation of someone from the Tabs supporters’ discord server, and it was a great place to spend an afternoon. In hindsight, choosing to be outside all day, and not close to anyone (no crowds), was a good call.

I feel like I could narrate the whole experience, but I also feel like it’s mostly here in the photos? Sometimes it’s nice to just let them do the talking.

one thing I will note, a lot of these obelisks had these little turtles at the base, holding them up. No idea what the symbolism is there, although I do remember the ‘turtles all the way down’ anecdote from Stephen Hawking, and of course discworld’s turtles.

And that’s it for the vacation photos, at least for that trip. A bunch of other things have happened since then, don’t worry. The posting will continue.

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day off, fall 2021

think this was when I was between jobs one of several times. There’s a part of me that wants to abandon all these really old photos, declare a sort of backlog bankruptcy and have a clean slate. Then there’s a bloody minded part of me that says post every photo. Both of those voices, if they were those cartoon embodied conscious, would be devils, one on each shoulder. I know how I got to a place where my backlog was almost two years long (2021 was a real bastard) but I don’t think there’s anything for it but to keep posting.

Edit to add: I remembered the occasion for these photos. It was the first day the cable cars reopened in San Francisco, and I was off, so I decided to go and do a slightly touristy thing while I had time. They’re a fully ridiculous way to travel, but at the same time fairly enjoyable. Better than walking up those steep hills.

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first day in florence

The first day we had to spend in florence, as opposed to just stopping to sleep there before rushing onward to Sardinia, was kind of a slow start. I was alone, because Sophie had caught some kind of bug and stayed in the hotel to rest. 7 days of raving was bound to catch up to us. I felt fine, so I went out walking. Brought her back some breakfast, and then continued on my way.

I wandered around and took bad photos of narrow streets in deep shadow close to our bnb. Got myself some breakfast, coffee and a croissant in a little cafe that was arty and pretentious in a way they never seem to be here any more; local art on the walls, a few benches and simple concrete tables. Very good coffee, like everywhere that served espresso in Italy. I sat in the little cafe and tried to make a plan for the day, a plan which I mostly threw out the window. The second cappuccino finally got my brain into gear and I was off, ready to actually move and groove. See the sights, take some photos.

I started by walking towards the Duomo, ate a really good ham sandwich at a place down the street from the place everyone was in line for, and just generally wandered in that area for a bit. Lot of high end shops, expensive watches and jewelry, fashion houses that have an outpost in Florence, that sort of thing. I was not in a mood to shop, not particularly, but the people watching is always pretty good in these areas.

Did I do anything else of note that day? Wandered, bought groceries, went back to our airbnb, which was right by the main train station. Sophie wasn’t feeling well still, and a test confirmed: it was COVID. There was a couch in our room, so I slept there and tried to isolate. I’d also gotten my bivalve booster a couple weeks before, so thought I might be safe. Turns out I was just a couple days behind her.

The long essay (about how long it takes to build something) is coming. It currently has that problem that a lot of my anecdotes have, in that it doesn’t have a neat ending. My friend Alex used to say, when I’d tell a story like that, that I should end it with ‘then I found five dollars,’ so people a) know it’s over and b) think there was a point to my meandering. The point really is just the meandering, though, and nothing else. Once, I did find $5 in the street, and sent him a picture of it. I think I laughed about that for a whole day.

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Roy's with Kawan

Still whittling down the last few images for the first day in Florence post, currently at 27 images, which is too many by my reckoning. These are from 2021, I don’t remember why we were out wandering, but I do remember it was a hot day. We stepped into the grove at Roy’s and it was like ten degrees cooler under the shade of those big trees.

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rome, even more briefly

Back to the Italy photos for a few more posts. I haven’t been slacking on blogging, but instead of posting I’ve been working on an overhaul of the edit page. Just spent some time getting websockets to work on the server. Now I’m going to go to bed. Please enjoy these photos of Rome, the day we couldn’t get into the pantheon because they only do tickets in advance and we were also very tired. Florence is next, and maybe an essay about just how fucking long it takes to get anything done at all if you care about the output.

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