TEKNO (Zero Fucks XMAS)

I think this was after the other christmas party? Anyway. A fun show. Helen came for a bit, I think we stayed a bit later… Kawan was doing something or out of town, I don’t remember. Anyway, this is a party that Zero Fucks have put on for a couple of years, a corporate themed rave, complete with bonuses, keynotes, suits, and HR-bots. Fun and weird and a nice substitute for actually going to an office christmas party.

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jeff and franc's xmas party

I had to cut about 20 images that were basically variatons on the big group picture from this edit. I know, it’s a christmas party and I’m only now, in March, getting around to publishing the photos. What can I say. I either transmit them on the spot via my phone, or I do it months and months later, after agonizing over the edit for far too long.

Actually this weekend we were back at this apartment, this time for Jeff’s birthday, and I might post those soon, because I want to show off my new lens. I got a Noctilux!

Fun party though, good group of folks. I should really have a word with them about indirect lighting; top down is so unflattering most of the time. Couple lamps on dimmers, some art on the walls, maybe. Anyway. Onward!

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day of the dead (SF Mission), 2023

So, I was getting ready to leave to go to chicago, texted Kawan to see if he was going to drink and draw, and he said, no, I’m going to miss it tonight, it’s Day of The Dead in the city. I was instantly like, I should go and photograph that, even though I hadn’t packed and leave for chicago the next day. Yeah, these photos happened before the ones it the last post.

So I got to the mission about 7, 7:30, and start walking south on Valencia. I don’t really see much until I get to close to the 24th street BART station. I came to the tail end of a parade, there was a group of dancers (next photo).

Then I followed the crowds down 24th st, towards the park where there were other things still happening; art and live music and ofrendas (altars with pictures and other things that remind us of the dead, usually specific people). Food and flowers and pictures, candles and other lights.

Then I ran around a bunch and took the rest of the pictures here.

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chicago, last november

These are in vibes order, again. Lot of verticality in this edit. Had a really nice time the weekend these were taken, stayed at Hunter and Jason’s place. Great view out of their windows, pity there wasn’t a decent photographer there to get a shot of it.

Anyway. Had a real nice portfolio review earlier this week, looking at the san pablo work, working on mashing it into a shape to start shopping it around as a book and maybe an exhibition. Sets that work together, colors, leitmotifs. I’ll have to make some prints, too, if there’s a show. Gallery show? Me? Maybe. Have to find a gallery.

Farmed out the work prints earlier today, anyway. Going to be an interesting exercise to see if I can make it work.

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kawan's 222 celebration

I have just enough time to throw these online and then run out the door. An awesome celebration! I might write about it later. Or not! we’ll see.

Ok, it’s later! Here’s Sophie’s mix. https://soundcloud.com/sophia-mills/live-elis-feb-22-2024 . Dunno if any of the other dj’s recorded their set. Helen’s (iam3lectron’s) set is here: https://www.mixcloud.com/iam3lectron/222fest-live-elis-helladeep-set/ UPDATE 2: DEMONICA’s set is here: https://www.mixcloud.com/MonikaDee/222-fest-live-at-elis-demonika-set/

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