the things don’t stop happening

I don’t know if it’s obvious from my posts here in the past, so I’m gonna say it here anyway: Black Lives Matter. Abolish the Police, tear down all the prisons, pay reparations to the descendants of slaves that built this country. And open the borders. And make all the billionaires give back what they stole. Maybe then we can stop protesting.

God I need to get out and shoot. The things! They continue to happen!

What else? I came across this old post where I said “A state of profound weirdness has become the new normal.” It really is an almost perfect blog post, but I really underestimated how weird things would get.

I’m almost out of pictures in the pre-covid period, maybe one or two more posts. Gonna have to get shooting for real, before I catch up to the present.

The best time to start is now.

Posted on 2020-06-09 06:14:42Z GMT

Kawan’s birthday in the afternoon

Remember parties? This was a good one. Kawan’s place in the mission is really rad. It’s a regular 1-bedroom, but instead of like, a living room, he has a studio. Great big windows, tons of light. Also, and I feel like I say this every year, but he has a lot of rad people hanging around.

It’ll be a long time before we can have a carefree gathering like this again. For the time being, not partying counts as partying, in the Andrew WK sense of the word. There’s a whole treatise on partying in the texts of WK as mystical monism, but it is very late and I do not have the strength. Maybe after I finally write that false vacuum/local minima essay I’ve been threatening.

Posted on 2020-05-22 09:57:23Z GMT

it already monday

These were just like, a random Friday (except the last one, which I shot from the car earlier that week). We just decided to gather at a local bar, grabbed our going-out stuff, and went. I think we even rode bikes to the first bar? Ah, the memories.

I joke, but only a little. I did get to leave the house this weekend; after complaining about it friday, I switched from the ankle boot to a brace which lets me have a normal gait, but is less protective, and that’s made a huge difference in my mobility. I can actually just walk around the house a bit, unload the dishwasher, etc. We went to a little parklet in a friend’s neighborhood, saturday, so at this rate those photos will be out in about… two months. We all sat over 6 feet apart, but it was nice to sit in the sun with some friends, at least for a little bit.

Today was a banner day: I got to look at a potential space to rent for light industrial work, so I can move the welder and metalwork out of my current space, and maybe even the sewing table? Or maybe the electronics. It’s somewhat out of my hands, but it would be really nice, if it works out.

Also today: we went for a drive, over the Richmond Bridge, to the Marin Headlands, which were closed to vehicles, and then to almost the top of Twin Peaks, where there was also a road closure and a bunch of people trying to park and walk. We paused at intervals and took pictures from the car. It wasn’t going on a nature hike or anything, but it was pretty nice after being inside the house for two weeks.

Posted on 2020-05-18 08:36:50Z GMT

Terrible Lizards

So, sometime in february, we visited the animal sanctuary WildCare, in San Rafael, which is Marin County, for those that don’t live in the Bay Area. They take in animals of all stripes, many found injured and in need of veterinary care, and rehabilitate the ones they can, and the ones that can’t be released, they keep at their facility. They serve as ambassadors for what the sanctuary does. I think I’ve talked about them before, but I really can’t remember.

While we were there, we got to see the Peregrine they have. I was trying to take a picture, and through the viewfinder, I couldn’t see the fence really. So when the bird decided to go from one perch to another by flying right at me, I jumped right back. Raptors are terrifying when they’re zooming through the air at you. That’s the original meaning of the ‘terrible lizard’, the dinosaur: scary, as in it’ll claw your eyes out.

Not Vlad though. Vlad is the vulture in the first and last pictures. Calm, regal, really a nice bird. Eats carrion, mostly, found as a little chick and someone hand-fed him until they couldn’t handle him, and then turned him over to WildCare (if I’m remembering the story correctly, which I may not be). So, he doesn’t have any of the fear of people, or other learned behaviors that would allow him to survive in the wild. Protip: if you see a baby bird on the ground, don’t touch it. Its parents will often come and get it. If you’re concerned for it, it looks injured, look up your local wildlife rescue, give them a call. They’ll know what to do.

Posted on 2020-05-17 08:42:04Z GMT

odds and ends

The hard part of the quarantine is certainly coming to a middle. At first, and even before social distancing, I was plagued by the implications of the numbers. If the infections reached saturation, and the death rates held, it was going to be something like 2 million people dead. A lot of stiffs. And while we haven’t really done shit but stay home, we don’t currently have 2 million dead people causing cascade failures of our cemetery and mortuary industries, so that’s one thing I worried about. There have been rumors of mass graves in some places (maybe more than rumors, but I’m not going to chase them down). So for about two days the thought of mass graves plagued me, but I was able to let that go, and then I thought of other ways in which the world was going to fall apart. That lasted another couple days, but then lockdown settled into a routine, and I was fine. Ish.

I was taking walks, I was exercising, wearing a mask as soon as everybody realized they were maybe effective. Things were as OK as they could be; I was cooking a lot, doing recipes I’d gotten of youtube. Then, I decided I needed to add some leg exercises to my routine. I did some squats. Like 10 of them. Next day, I’m having some knee pain, and it gets worse all day. The doc over zoom the next morning said sometimes inflammation is like that. So, I’m hobbling around on one leg, and a couple days later, the ankle on the other leg decides it’s had enough and resigns in protest. That was two weeks ago.

The knee really is a lot better now; I’m not having issues with it on the stairs any more. The ankle is still not right, and won’t be, I suspect, for another week at least. Everything is at a low ebb. Can’t stop Won’t stop, though.

(I did post a small note about this a week ago, but as it’s turned into A Thing, I decided I’d record the whole mess for posterity. These photos have nothing to do with the text, they’re just the three randos that were on top of the queue).

Posted on 2020-05-16 09:05:09Z GMT